Cafe facelift is finally coming together

I’ve thought about it a lot too, because sometimes it feels like you’re walking in sand, a whole lot of effort and nothing much to show, but then all the little steps I’ve been taking added up into my new counter top made of that beautiful cedar slab, and a smaller round cut of yew, as well as a bonus project of shelves built from old pallets I hung this week too.

1601206_229009687223127_1424495926_n 1902075_228990710558358_1113694120_nI also finally got a painting party together, so the walls are much brighter. Theres also new art, by Genni Delaquis, inspired by local scenes, I’ll leave the rest a surprise.

So the surroundings finally match the quality of foods found at Sammich, and everyday looking around puts a smile on my face. Now its time to hunker down and start expanding the menu though…

But first, a party! March 15th Sammich turns 1, and its come a long way from the first day, when I was terrified, but decided ready or not, I was opening shop. So come down on Saturday March 15th and theres bound to be some free cookies, some streamers & balloons and general good times to be had, oh and, tell your friends.