Sammich Turns 1!

March 14th last year, I said ‘Enough is enough’, picked a bunch of stuff up, and showed up the next morning bright and early to make muffins, soup, coffee and sammiches and officially call Sammich open for business on the 15th. I was terrified, but realized that I was never really going to be completely prepared to open, and that this was going to be a work in progress for a long time to come, but I better start putting some money back in the account or it wasn’t going to last long…. And now its a year later, and I’ve met so many awesome people that are doing pretty fantastic things in the buildings downtown that otherwise had stood faceless until then… And those awesome people like my food, actually, frequently boast quite strongly about it, which is great and keeps my ego alive while I navigate all the more difficult aspects of business ownership. So what I’m getting at is this. Thank you everyone, and I’m going to keep making everything from scratch to feed you, so you can be confident on the ingredients you put in your body.

And enough of that, I found some pictures from early on.

_DSC0770What I had dubbed ‘Tuscan Cafe in a Can’, Sammich was devoid of inspiration, and bit by bit I’ve transformed it over the year, theres still a few things left to update, but progress has been good.

_DSC0919 _DSC0918 1902075_228990710558358_1113694120_n

I built new live-edge cedar and yew counters, new menu boards, gained some much needed workspace by rearranging the display cooler and front counter, and got new tolix-esque chairs. Oh and we painted, a whirlwind 4 hour, 4 person prime and paint… it was messy.

So to celebrate, I threw a wee party… I don’t really need much excuse to give things away for free, its always been one of my favourite things to do. So I made a ton of cookies and gave them away with Salt Spring Coffee’s Canopy blend coffee.

So, another year older, and another year wiser?

_DSC0916 _DSC0913 _DSC0912



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