New Art @ Sammich

I just wanted to take _DSC0954a little moment to feature the art we have on our walls this month. I met China Goodhue at the shop, she comes in on her scooter, and is always nice to chat and visit with, and always has a smile on her face. She also has a studio across the road in the Central Building and when I needed to fill my walls again, she was happy to let me come pick a few to display.

What I really like about her is that in spite of her mobility issues through most of her body, shes making beautiful colourful works reflecting both the light and happy parts of life, as well as some for her darkest moments involving the heartbreak of loss and death.

On a lighter note, I love the lemons painting, I also love that if you get up and look it right in the eyes, you’ll see that theres a texture of another painting below it, and when I asked China about this, she said she didn’t like it so she painted lemons on it, and I think thats an amazing metaphor for life.

I also picked up a couple more for the shop, and although I loved her darker, intenser paintings, I grabbed the sunny ones because its a cafe…

_DSC0958 _DSC0957… and they are for sale! I wanted to try and see if I could sell some while they were here, and really, for an original, prices starting at $75 are a steal.

If you’d like to check out more of China’s stuff, shes on the Facebook.