Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015! How does it feel so far? Despite oil prices and Ebola, I’m excited.

Victoria is a wonderful city, albeit a small one that doesn’t view itself that way, its ambitious, an obnoxious kid-sibling to its bigger city neighbours in Vancouver, Seattle & Portland. But really we have such a unique location and such amazing landscapes on our door step. If you haven’t gone to Port Renfrew in the middle of winter with a good raincoat and boots yet, put it on your bucket list! I still have quite a lot of goals to achieve locally, namely getting to the top of the island.

This past weekend though, I got a good start on one thing I’ve been meaning to do. I went to Portland for part 1 of the Washington & Oregon foodie roadtrip. I only had 2 days, and thats certainly not enough time to do it justice, but it was enough time to stuff my face many times over and meet a lot of fantastic people doing fantastic things. Heres a bit of what I learned while I was there…

1) Your allowed to take a lot of things to farm markets, like charcuterie, cheese, and distilled liquor! People can sample and sell artisan products, allowing local producers to flourish and keeping more money in the community instead of exporting it all to large commercial producers.

2) Sales taxes don’t exist. I’ve never been a fan of the double taxation policy of taxes on income, and on monies spent, but even if we could include it in the prices so we don’t all walk around with pockets full of small change that would be swell.

3) They have HUNDREDS of food trucks, at least 100 I’m pretty sure. Entire blocks of food trucks stacked together like little cubicles of exotic food. And the quality of this food is unreal. But it also doesn’t seem to take away from restaurants because that’s a whole other experience in itself, and either you have time for it and want it or you don’t and a lack of food trucks won’t make more people go into restaurants, it’ll probably send them searching out fast food chains.

4) Portland is awesome mostly because it’s not your typical holiday destination. No part of it is jammed down your throat, and you don’t need to seek out anything found in brochures to have a good time.

Now I called it part 1 because I’m going to need to do more trips to explore more and eat more, especially because the Washington part of the trip was very muchly left untouched aside from some fantastic cheese I picked up. What I get most excited about with regards to Victoria is being here as this culture of quality foods is coming about. Now is a great time, and don’t be daunted by any of it with its big breathy descriptions, just eat it! It’s all subjective. Just don’t eat anything with the word ‘gourmet’ in front of it, thats my only rule.

Till next time, live long and sammich!