Happy September Everyone!

So glad to see the rain again, it’s been a shockingly dry couple summers in a row, this one especially. Now our rivers run again and maybe the trees will be healthy enough for us to get a nice showy leaf display instead of last year when they all died early and just turned brown. It’s not hot anymore, but it’s still pretty warm, and when the sun comes out it feels a little harder earned and a bit more satisfying again.

When the seasons transition I think we all feel a need for transition in our lives, for some of us this might mean a new outfit, or new dinner recipes, but there is one transition I would like to suggest everyone consider… your own to-go mugs. I don’t want to sound like a naggy-nelly, but this so happens to be my vessel for ranting en masse to you folks, so deal with it… here we go.

I believe the majority of people on the west coast would agree that we should be responsible for our environment and should probably go to greater lengths to protect and conserve, and likewise great things have been happening with holding our businesses and public facilities accountable for they’re environmental footprint, but individually there is still so much that we excuse ourselves for because we don’t feel anyone is watching.

Starbucks and popular media has made the to-go cup a near necessary accessory. All summer you see people all over town running around with cups with green straws, and although what’s in those cups is a whole ‘nother rant for me, I’ll stick to just the cup for now. I would estimate that nearly half of the people working downtown have an average of a two cup-a-day habit, and at 5 days a week (while working), with 2 weeks vacation a year, we’re talking 500 cups going out the door. A lot of focus has gone into using recycled materials and creating cups that are recyclable or compostable, but we’re neglecting the other two R’s, reduce and reuse.

Personally, if I’ve forgotten my reusable to-go mug at home, I kind of punish myself by not allowing myself to pick up a drink, or I will take the time to sit and drink it out of a mug, its very rare for me to use a paper cup, and I would just like to see other people hold themselves to this standard as well. I do offer a few options at the cafe and I can discuss my experiences with various types of to-go mugs (metal vs. glass etc.) if you’d like to stop by, but please, when thinking about how to better yourself and continue with improvements to your life this fall, consider adopting a mug. Thanks 🙂